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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Intrapreneur, communications and marketing professional, helping organisations grow, embrace & create change

I am a practical visionaire that loves working with talented people to realize wild ideas. Wild ideas are like wild animals. Hard to pet, and control is often not on your side. However, once you embrace your “wild” human nature, you are becoming part of the process of creation.

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Leonidas as a communications and marketing professional, helped businesses grow by connecting with their clients and social businesses design interventions for social change. As an intrapreneur, has helped organisations to challenge their status quo, embrace change, move forward and grow.

Leonidas is specialized in Social Marketing, Behaviour (PgCert) and crisis communications (CIPR). He has worked as a consultant in public, non-profit and private sector organizations in the field of Marketing, Communications and Strategic Planning.

He was a U.K. alumni awards finalist in Greece for 2019.

He is the founder of Mindspark+, General Manager at the Light Hub business incubator of the Chamber of Evros,  Marketing and Communications consultant at Evros Chamber of commerce, founding partner at the Social Marketing and Behaviour Change institute of Greece and Board Member at the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA).

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ΙστορΙες Management & ΗγεσΙας

The ghost of homo-economicus haunts every single marketer struggling to drive growth for their clients.

Read my part as a contributing author at this collective work, published by Dioptra Publishing, where Executives from leading companies share their experiences and knowledge. Proceeds from the authors and participants are donated to charity.

trikala quits smoking

Greece was among the first countries to ban smoking indoors. Within Greece, the first attempt to legislate a ban on smoking was in 1856 under King Otto’s (1832-1862)  Commandment, which aimed to prevent smoking in public buildings and working spaces (Royal Decree, 36/4-8-1856), mainly to prevent fires from starting.


Mindspark+ is an ecosystem created to connect efforts, people, knowledge and ideas to create an independent platform through which they can transfer lessons, experiences and knowledge. To create a new reality, the Greece of today, the Greece that seeks, that creates, that improves the world and believes that it can create a better tomorrow.


In the eleventh episode of Social Growth, Arsenia Malakozi and Anna Tsiakiri present the Society for Social Psychiatry & Mental Health of Alexandroupolis, which since 1981 has been providing services that improve the living conditions of people with mental disorders and focuses on providing opportunities for professional rehabilitation. Leonidas Skrletopoulos, a social marketing consultant, mentoring Alexandroupolis stakeholders in social entrepreneurship, explains how important building customer trust is to the success of a new company.